Air Raid Precautions Lamps Air Raid Precautions Lamps Three A.R.P. lamps 49100173 Early A.R.P. lamp design The red version is of the original type built to comply with A.R.P. Department Circular No. 259/1939 of 30 September 1939, required to display a white cross, rendered invisible from above, hence the shielded design. 49100175 Late A.R.P. lamp design The green version is a later design, patented (see links page) by a Walter Georger Batt. This features four removable red glasses, covered by "shields". One "shield" has a movable disc (not mentioned in the patent) which uncovers a hole that aligns with a clear circle in the corresponding glass. Once lit this allows the lamp to emit, in addition to red light , a small pencil beam of white light upwards. The purpose of this is unkown, at this time, but may have provided a method of illumination to alllow I.D. cards to be viewed or somesuch. 49100176 A.R.P. lamp reworked post war The blue lamp is of the patented Walter G. Batt cowled type with the "shields" removed along with the red colourant from the lenses (evidence of the red colourant can still be seen on the edges.) This type is through to be post war reworking of the "shielded" Walter G. Batt design to provide a hurricane type lamp, from surplus war stock. 49100177 A.R.P. lamp opened This shows how these lamps are hinged to allow access to the wick. The reservoir is filled by removing the wick winder mechanism. 49107019 Shield Comparison This shows how the "shields" have been unsoldering. If you look closely at the blue lamp you can see where the solder still remains. 49100174 Modified Road Danger Lamp This photograph from the Imperial War Museum archive ( shows a standard lamp which has been modified with the "shields" above the cross type appatures. Shown guarding a traffic island in World WAr II. It is believed to be painted black and white 76479560 Modified Road Danger Lamp Photographed at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2009. This version is without the "shields". 76483004