Lamp Restoration Lamp Restoration Feuerhand Baby No 270 BEFORE - This was aquired by me quite cheaply at a car boot fair. The horizontal surfaces were coated in rust. Immersion in vinegar for 48 hours saw the rust removed with no more than elbow grease and an old toothbrush. This picture shows it half way through the process. 50801372 Feuerhand Baby No 270 AFTER - The finished product, rust removed, lightly oiled. A definite improvement. 50801376 Converted A.R.P. lantern BEFORE - Surface rust, remnants of paint. Immersion in Caustic Soda solution (heed safety warnings!) saw the paint and some of the rust removed. Then immersion in vinegar for 24 hours, followed by the toothbrush treatment, saw the remainer of the rust removed. 50801373 Converted A.R.P. lantern WORK IN PROGRESS - Cleaning complete, awaiting paint. 50801375 GF 1 flare torch BEFORE - As purchased. Non original top coat applied over original paint. 52148820 GF 1 flare torch AFTER - Several hours spent carefully removing the top coat using thumbnails, lolly stick scrapers, solvent and rags revealed the original paint along with a much more authentic "as used" look. 52148819 Unknown early lantern BEFORE - AS pruchased this early lantern is poorly painted and is missing the burner and the coloured glass inserts which fit inside, behind the thick bullseye lenses. However it's uniqueness warrants attention. 146923461 Unknown early lantern Now stripped of paint following a dip in Caustic Soda solution. Head all safety warnings when using this method. 146923462 Unknown early lantern After a coat of zinc based undercoat. 146923463 Unknown early lantern The lens collars are given a coat of white paint. 146923464 Unknown early lantern Next, after careful masking, the lamp is given a coat of red paint. 146923465 Unknown early lantern AFTER - Masking removed. 146923460 Unknown early lantern AFTER - An early round burner is found and fitted and the red coloured glass inserts are made from taking glass from a cheap picture frame and colouring it with transulent red paint. 146923467